Joybear Pictures Releases ‘Sexual (r)Evolution’

LONDONJoybear Pictures has released new anthology Sexual (r)Evolution, an examination of how cultural attitudes around sex have evolved over the decades from AVN Award-nominated directing team Ed & Sam. 

Red hot passion between lovers has always existed, yet attitudes to sex, modesty and gender roles continue to evolve,” teases the movie's trailer. “You may feel you're modern, but just how much of a Sexual (r)Evolution will you take part in?”

This movie really shows how far we have come, in becoming more comfortable with our sexuality and sexual relationships,” Joybear founder and CEO Justin Santos said. “It also makes you wonder, where will things go next?”

The movie is set in a house that has seen five generations of women experiencing generational waves of feminism under one roof, starting in the 1960s, when women started to demand what they wanted, on to the struggle for equality in the 1970s, the power dynamics between the sexes in the 1980s, the fight for good sex in the 1990s, and where we are today in the 2020s. 

Elaborates a company synopsis, "Returning home to the country in 1964 after some time in progressive London, Margaret (Viktoria Quinn) is now a woman who knows what she wants and how to ask for it. But how will former sweetheart, Wally (Sam Bourne), react to her newly-found sexual liberation? Her confident and unapologetic seduction quickly ignites his desire, rather than intimidates, as she greets him in lingerie and leads him to bed ... then, in 1971, activist Mary (Evie Rees) can't deny the mutual attraction between her and her friend, straight ally Jackie (Tindra Frost), as they attend one of the first Gay Pride marches—but Mary worries Jackie is just another straight girl holidaying on her sexuality. Lucky for them, there’s electricity in the air as they return home, smiling and flirting until finally they kiss, the tension breaks, and they fully give in to their desires. 

"In 1988, 'modern man' William (Sam Bourne) loves a bit of raunchy power play, but as he and Shania (Yiming Curiosity) jostle over who's in charge of assembling furniture, the couple soon discover working together is way more fun than following antiquated gender roles—pleasure goes both ways and is best when reciprocated. By 1997, cultural shifts have even affected popular fashion—and Christopher (Chris Cobalt) isn’t convinced, as he prefers women in little black dresses and mile-high heels. His date, Lottie (Lola Marie), shows him she doesn’t need to show every curve before taking off her clothes—and Christopher learns this 'new' form of foreplay really turns him on. 

"We fast forward to 2022 for the final scene in the house, where Marnie (Evie Rees) reminisces about the evolving attitudes to sex over the years; these walls had seen so much action as a result of strong, confident women claiming their sexuality. Making her way through a party at the history-filled house, a random guy slaps her ass without her consent, and is told off by Robin (Marcus Quillan). As the party comes to a close, Marnie and Robin lock eyes, and there's an instant attraction. The new couple can't wait to follow their amorous bliss—especially when Marnie gives Robin permission to slap her ass. From there, passionate kisses escalate to mutual orgasms, as they lean into consent-based ecstasy in a 21st century world."

“It’s a very good contrast of just how much consent is important,” commented Rees. “Having a scene where I was like, ‘Don’t touch my ass,’ and then having a scene where it’s like, ‘Yeah, touch my ass’ right after it ... I like that.”

Other recent Joybear releases include Holiday Heat, Touch and Body Language. BTS footage for Sexual r(Evolution) is also available.