Joybear Pictures Entices With ‘Body Language’

LONDON—U.K.-based studio Joybear Pictures explores the pleasures derived from non-verbal communication in new release Body Language from AVN Award-nominated directorial team Ed & Sam. 

“This movie speaks to those who want to try something new, but aren’t sure how best to express that desire,” Joybear founder and CEO Justin Santos explained. “Body Language proves you can have confidence in your ability to communicate.”

“This was a super fun project with a great cast,” added directors Ed & Sam. “Belle O’Hara is a foxy pocket-rocket, who tied our story together beautifully. Esluna Love also brought her special brand of energy and gorgeousness to the shoot, and opened our eyes to the many different ways to communicate.”

Body Language follows sex writer Mimi (O’Hara to a destination wedding for her friend, Olivia (Love). While the bride is busy with the weekend’s preparations, Mimi gathers steamy erotic tales for her blog from Olivia’s gossipy sister, Maria (Eva Ray). 

As promo materials elaborate, "Maria starts by sharing a story about her perfectionist sister, Olivia, showing a former lover (Frank Rock) exactly how to please her in bed, rather than explain in words—a tale which turns Mimi on so much, she immediately invites Maria to her bed for an orgasmic romp. While that is going on, maid of honor Silky (Satine Spark) flirts with best man Michael (Max Deeds) with the aim of a quick, no-hassle fuck ... which culminates in mutual oral and a delicious 69 scene in front of a roaring fire. After her rendezvous with Maria, Mimi bumps into her ex Bruce (Marc Kaye) while she’s swimming in the pool, and the pair reunite under some mistletoe in more ways than one. In the final scene, Olivia and Jason (Marcus Quillan), whose busy wedding plans have resulted in the newlywed couple being much too tired to consummate their marriage on their wedding night, are finally able to enjoy a well-deserved slow, sensual morning lovemaking session while everyone else is recovering from the previous night’s festivities."

“There are so many erogenous zones all over the body,” said O’Hara. “The little creases in your arms, the neck and the stomach. I think it’s really important not to forget those as well. This is the third time working for JoyBear, and I just love coming back.”

Other recently released productions from Joybear include Holiday Heat, Touch and Sexual (r)Evolution.

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