Joybear Pictures Celebrates ‘SexTech’ With Doc-Style Release

LONDON—U.K.-based Joybear Pictures reports that it has received a highly positive response to its summer release SexTech, featuring five scenarios where modern sex and technology merge in the near future, presented in a documentary-style format.  

“From remote-activated toys and game development, to algorithms pairing aural stimulation to sexual desire, these fantasy scenes pave the way for how couples can elevate their connection in the bedroom,” says Joybear founder and CEO Justin Santos. “All in the name of research!”

Directed by Ed & Sam, the movie centers on "The Hub," a start-up founded by a group of tech nerds and devoted to studying the effects of technology on relationships. The movie is narrated by "Beth" (Belle O’Hara).

“The world has changed since simple rubber dildos and pocket rockets gained popularity,” says Beth in the movie’s introduction. “In the future, there will be sex robots, and maybe even orgasm implants.” The faux documentary then presents its stories with a very familiar storyline—couples experiencing relationship issues—however, rather than follow conventional methods, these tech-forward couples find their solutions within the tech world.

In the first scene, narrator Beth and her girlfriend Helen (Honour May) are experiencing a crisis of connection. With Helen constantly on the go as a top salesperson for The Hub, the couple have a hard time finding time to connect, until Beth convinces Helen to test out a new device she can discreetly wear. Then, shy, quiet Siobhan (Viktoria Quinn) and her hot, muscular friend Fred (Frank Rock) test their sexual chemistry by utilizing The Hub’s VR simulation program, and find they are surprisngly compatible, way beyond the friend zone. We are then invited to play voyeur as game developer Lucy (Loveday) attempts several times to connect with her business-minded colleague, Freya (Eva Ray); every attempt feels like the games she creates, until Lucy is finally able to advance to the next level and reach a new high score in a lustful two-player scenario.

Returning to Beth’s world, Helen has gifted her with a playlist of their favorite songs to enjoy while she’s away on yet another work trip. Ever the technophile, Beth creates an algorithm syncing those songs to sexual desire, and gets Helen’s consent to get their colleague, Kieran (Marcus Quillan) to test out the new code with her. In the final scene, software developers Tina (Satine Spark) and Raf (Chris Cobalt) are trying to get out of their sexual rut as a couple. Recoding a game they’d created for The Hub, the couple goes through the updated game app’s challenges, proving that sometimes, AI can be the perfect bedroom device to guide couples into deeper intimacy and better sexual relationships.

“Joybear is one of my favorite companies, genuinely,” says Honour May. “I’ve worked with many companies all over the world, and Joybear really stands out for me, because it’s incredibly inclusive. They make you feel very comfortable on set, never pushing, always ensuring that you understand exactly what you’re doing before you even turn up on set. They ensure that the crew is ready to help you with whatever you need, and the scripts are always really good as well, with genuine storylines.”

The BTS footage for SexTech offers an entertaining look into how the cast interacts with each other when the cameras are off, and includes interviews about technological advances and innovative toys they have tried in their personal sex lives, as well as what inventions they would develop should they be provided the opportunity.

Other recent releases from Joybear Pictures include Holiday Heat, Touch, Sexual (R)evolution and Body Language.

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