Jordan Septo Saddles Up for Lone Ranger Spoof

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Jordan Septo rides again! The director of several musical parodies spoofing everything from Flashdance to the Spice Girls is turning his attention to the horse opera.

Septo, the director of Zorro XXX: A Pleasure Dynasty Parody, is returning to the Old West to spoof a stalwart symbol of Americana: the Lone Ranger.

In early March Septo will begin to shoot The Lone Ranger XXX: An Extreme Comixxx Parody. He and his production team had been planning this project in secret for months, but he decided now is the time for the official announcement.

“I figured I’d strike while the iron is hot,” Septo said. The iron he refers to is the aggressive campaign of television commercials that Disney ran during the Super Bowl for their remake of the classic Western serial, which has been a staple of radio, film and television since 1933.

Although the timing of the adult version will most likely coincide with the mainstream theatrical release, there will be content differences, other than the obvious. The most significant difference will be the masked man’s sidekick, Tonto.

While both versions star a controversial and untraditional choice for this iconic character, the adult version will feature a female in the role. But everyone involved with the production is remaining tight-lipped about exactly who may be playing Tonto.

Producer Gina Lassen, however, willingly offered up who will be portraying the title role.

“The choice was obvious for us,” she states. “The character calls for tall, dark, handsome, mysterious—and that is Ryan Driller in a nutshell.”

Driller also has had some riding experience—a skill that will prove most valuable as the Ranger’s other sidekick, his faithful horse, Silver, will also be portrayed.

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