Johnny Carson Sex Tape Being Shopped

HOLLYWOOD—Right on the heels of Jay Leno stepping down as host of The Tonight Show, his legendary predecessor has suddenly shot back into the spotlight in an unexpected way: The late and notoriously private Johnny Carson has reportedly shown up in a newly surfaced sex tape circa the 1970s that is being shopped around to private buyers.

TMZ reported Saturday that Carson's partner in the footage "appears to be one of his wives—it's unclear which one" and that it "opens with a naked dark-haired Carson masturbating by a pool," after which the woman performs oral sex on him for about five minutes, followed by a 20-minute sex scene in Carson's bedroom.

The TMZ story also noted that according to those who've seen the footage, Carson is "hung like a horse—seriously, porn star status."

All of this has been corroborated by celebrity sex tape broker Kevin Blatt, who told AVN that the tape has not yet been sold, but confirmed, "I can say a private seller is looking for a private collector."

Blatt jokingly added, "It's a great day for white men everywhere ... his penis is about 11 inches. It could have probably reached Ed McMahon on the couch."