John Wayne Bobbitt to Fight Stern Show's Bob Levy

LAS VEGAS - Paradise Visuals announced today that John Wayne Bobbitt will step into the ring with Howard Stern Show comedian Rev. Bob Levy at Celebrity Boxing V, set for Nov. 15 at the Marple Sports Arena in Broomall, Pa.

Paradise Visuals co-owner Jason Green is promoting the Bobbitt bout to tie in with the company's DVD release of John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut and Frankenpenis. Bobbitt will appear on the Stern show Nov. 13 to talk up the boxing match and the reissue of his porn movies.

"I don't know how many people have seen him lately, but John is a monster these days," Green told AVN. "He's going to kill Levy. Originally, the fight promoters had been talking about John boxing one of Stern's callers, and then they were going to have him fight the guy who knocked out Suge Knight. Finally, they decided on Bob Levy, which is funny because Bob was in our AEE booth taking pictures with John last year. Who knew they'd end up fighting?"

Bobbitt plans to celebrate what he feels is  sure knockout victory with fans in the Paradise Visuals booth at the 2009 AEE in Las Vegas.

John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut won AVN Awards for Top-Selling and Top-Renting Release in 1995. Paradise Visuals' release marks the first time Uncut and Frankenpenis have been available on DVD.

"The DVD has been selling well, especially considering how slow sales are suppposed to be these days," Green said. "We've also been talking to John about doing another movie. The world may yet see the release of Bride of Frankenpenis!" 

Fans can view the fight at For sales of the Bobbitt DVD, contact Dan M. at (818) 407-6200 ext. 228, or email [email protected].