John T. Bone Busted in Bangkok

BANGKOK - Director John T. Bone was arrested June 12 in Bang-na, Bangkok after authorities received a tip that a group of foreigners were shooting porn in a local apartment complex.

Police arrested Bone (a.k.a. John Gilbert Bowen) and five others in the raid, including three Brazlian men, a Filipina woman and a Thai "katoey" or transsexual "bar girl," according to the Pattaya Daily News. The report states that officers caught Bowen and his crew in the act of shooting a group sex scene.

Police told the Daily News they found a fully equipped studio inside the apartment with lights, camera equipment, lube, DVDs, stills and boxes of condoms. The report identifies Bone as the ringleader of the group.

The production and sale of pornography is illegal in Thailand. Bowen and two associates were arrested in April 2007 on the same charges in Pattaya, Thailand, southeast of Bangkok.

According to the Daily News, Bowen and his associates will face 3 years in prison and fined up to 6,000 baht ($180) for the crime.