John Stagliano's <i>Dance Fire</i> Comes to DVD

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Evil Angel's very first video release Dance Fire arrives on DVD for the first time on Friday, Feb. 15, coinciding with the company's 20th year in business.

Originally released at the tail-end of 1988, Dance Fire revolves around director John Stagliano's recurring character Mario and his tormented sexual attraction to fellow dancer Kathleen Jentry.

"It was my effort to create the best movie I could as the premiere release of my own manufacturing company," said Stagliano. "In Dance Fire, I worked with original music [by Jack Baker], dance and higher budget production values, all of which I would develop throughout my directing career with movies like Buda, Face Dance and especially Fashionistas and later, my Vegas show 'Fashionistas.' Dance Fire was released eight months before I came up with the Buttman idea."

The pre-Buttman Mario character first appeared in Stagliano's Very Sexy Ballet from Caballero, which was originally titled Very Dirty Dancing, but had to have its name changed due to legal issues. Stagliano followed Dance Fire with a string of highly regarded adult video features including Mystic Pieces, DeBlonde, Shadow Dancers 1 and 2, Rock N' Roll Heaven, and The Legend of Reggie D.

In addition to Jentry and Stagliano, Dance Fire stars Brandy Alexandre, Trinity Loren, Nina DePonca, Stephanie Rage, Champagne, Rod Garretto and Rick Daniels.

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