John Stagliano Completes New 'Buttman' Movie

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Evil Angel owner John Stagliano returns to the series that made him famous with Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian Ass, due out Aug. 29.

"My new Buttman movie is a collection of scenes I shot in Brazil with my new High Def camera," Stagliano told AVN. "It is a beautiful picture. I was amazed at how good the girls I used were at sex. I used two girls I had seen in Jazz Duro's movies from Brazil and another new girl.  they were beautiful and did very hard sex."

Stagliano shot the movie just before he was indicted on federal obscenity charges in April. The director told AVN that the situation did not affect his final product, which marks the first new entry in the series since Buttman's Brazlian Ass Fetish (2006).

"I have not changed [the movies] because of the indictment," Stagliano said. "My indicted movies are not obscene and anything in them would be O.K. for this movie or any other movie I sell. There is hard stuff in these movies, but mostly it is just fun Buttman ass-adoring stuff." 

Asked about the response to his recent Los Angeles Times debate with law professor Barry McDonald, Stagliano said, "The feedback I got was very positive. I was simply trying to state our freedom arguments in a better more understandable way to the general public. And I think I succeeded in doing that. I could have written much more, but we were limited in space."

Stagliano felt that McDonald "did a fair job of presenting the arguments for censorship" in the debate, which focused on obscenity and the 1st amendment.

"He had an impossible task, unless you take the absolutist religious point of view that masturbating is wrong, and anything that helps this is also wrong," Stagliano said. "He was in a no-win situation if he was trying to be rational about the whole thing."

Evil Angel released the compilation DVD Defend Our Porn July 3 to raise money for Stagliano's legal defense. But the director isn't looking for handouts.

"My fundraising efforts are focusing on trying to make my business more profitable," he said. "We are working on the internet side of my business and the continued success of Evil Angel depends on us being successful there.  I greatly appreciate the fundraising done from [Defend Our Porn], but I am not comfortable asking anyone for money for my problems."

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