John Holmes Murder House For Rent

LOS ANGELES - The two-story white stucco house where the infamous Wonderland murders took place is currently advertised as a $3,000 rental on Craigslist.

The rental ad for the infamous Laurel Canyon address makes no mention of John Holmes, Eddie Nash or the July 1981 murders. Realtors showed the two-bedroom home at 8763 Wonderland Avenue to prospective tenants yesterday.

Memorably dramatized by Hollywood in Boogie Nights and Wonderland, the drug-related bludgeoning deaths rank with the Black Dahlia as one of L.A.'s most notorious true-crime tales. Holmes was a prime suspect in the killings, but although he was placed at the scene, he was later acquitted of murder charges.

The owner of 8763 Wonderland accepted applications with "good credit and references" only.

To view the ad, click here.