John E. Depth: Straight-Up 'Sexecution'

LOS ANGELES - In the 12th century, St. Francis of Assisi prayed for God to bring light where there is darkness. So today, brothers and sisters, we are gathered here to shed a little light on a big, black thing.

John E. Depth is a St. Francis of Ass, easy. The man brings much love and lays much pipe, bringing joy where there is sadness and hope where there is despair: in adult bookstores, fallow marital beds, and the marijuana-scented studio apartments of chronic masturbators.

Most specifically, John E. Depth brings it all on his website and through his production company, Depth Entertainment Family (DEF). Distributed by Juicy Entertainment, the DEF catalog includes such series as the flagship line Spinal Tap, Anacondas and Li'l Mamas, Sexecution, Diaries of a Wife Gone Black, Vanilla Cakes, and Miss Phat Booty.

Some red=eyed viewers may recognize Depth from his steady appearances in the Inner City Squad/ Hustler Video series Black and Wild and Ghetto Booty. And yet, he hasn't really received the recognition he's due. Where, people, is the love?

John E. is good with all of that. He's been in the game for the better part of a decade, from his first sideways slide into adult modeling to working the circuit and moving pieces out of his car trunk. From Washington, D.C., to New Orleans, out to the scorched streets of the San Fernando Valley, he has maintained his cool, accepted it all with gratitude, and always, always given it back.

If you haven't seen it, the third volume of Anacondas and Li'l Mamas is something you need; it's the College Edition, you dig? Subtitled The Long Dick Invasion, this one's hot right out the box.

Likewise, Sexecution is an underrated series. Brothers CJ Wright, Shorty Mac, Deep Threat and Cuntre Pipes roll with performer/director Depth because they know he's down.

And the bitches keep comin' back for more. Spinal Tap is NOT named after the mock-rock band - in fact, John E. told AVN he hadn't even heard of the Rob Reiner movie until after he made his own. Figure that shit out.

Visit And look for an exclusive John E. Depth interview in AVN magazine. Peace.