Finds A Winner is pleased to announce the final voting selection of the very first Joe Porn Star contest. The lucky winner of a new career in porn is Jessy "The Rod." Jessy is already out in California and shot his first scene yesterday, Tuesday, January 20.

“Jessy submitted his application via the website just like the hundreds of other average guys that sent in their information to be considered for the contest,” North American Consultant Kath Blackwell told “He was chosen as a finalist by our producer/director and was selected by voters via our Website.”

Jessy is a 22-year old student in Montreal, where he majors in Political Science. He is not married, but has a live-in girlfriend. His hobbies include playing the bongos and partying with friends, and his favorite foods are pizza and French cuisine. He is 6’2", 198 pounds and is of Greek and Italian descent. He currently lives in downtown Montreal, but grew up in the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

“Our Joe Porn Star, Jessy, will be filming several scenes -- more or less depending upon how well he performs" -- to be used as content in our paysite area,” noted Blackwell. “There will be additional talent searches for new Joes. If this goes as well as early numbers indicate, we hope to make ‘stars’ out of several new Joe Porn Stars this year.”

Applicants should continue to send in their applications, photos and other requested information. is still accepting new applications for the second Joe Porn Star series and will start narrowing down their search in February.

You can visit today and get a preview of Joe’s brand new world in Hollywood. See what he will have to learn, learn about his opening scene and get to see interviews of some of the girls he will be "meeting" in his first few scenes. Viewers can follow him through his successes, failures and evaluations made by the film team. A Webmaster affiliate program and paysite membership area will be launched officially by the end of January