Joe Gallant Wins Short Film Competition at Berlin Pornfest

BERLIN - Director Joe Gallant emerged victorious at the second annual Porn Filmfestival Berlin, as the climactic scene from his work-in-progress "Atomic Skullfuck Orgy" won first prize in the festival's International Short Film Competition.

Held Oct. 24-28, the festival showcased works from over 30 countries. Gallant's VCA feature Ave X screened twice to enthusiastic response, but it was the orgiastic "Atomic Skullfuck" sequence starring Annie Cruz that really caused a stir.

"Though the toughness of the scene upset a number of the feminists in the audience, prompting a strident German-English hate note, many people told me it was one of the hottest things in the fest," Gallant told AVN. "Because she came off brilliantly in the scene as a blazingly aggressive little sex monster, Annie Cruz now has a whole new fan base in Germany!"

In classic Gallant style, "Atomic Skullfuck" centers on a Patty Hearst-like abduction as a parable of celebrity obsession.

According to the director's synopsis, "Paris Olson, a too-rich, too-stupid socialite, is kidnapped by anti-media rebels while jogging in Central Park. She is put through a nasty "trial", gang-fucked by her male & female abductors (headed by Rod Fontana), and turned into a rebel herself."

The rebels are jailed for their crimes, but later escape to take revenge on Paris' publicist (Cruz), who secretly paid them to kidnap and abuse Paris in order to boost her sagging celebrity "buzz".

"Atomic Skullfuck Orgy" competed against over a dozen offbeat shorts, including "Give Piece of Ass A Chance," "Dinner for a Cocksucker," Skateboard Kink Freak" and "Allen Ginsberg Gives Great Head." [So did Richard Brautigan, but like Ginsberg, he was no Joe Gallant. - Ed.]