Joanna Angel & The Gigolos Release 2nd Single

NEW YORK—Joanna Angel & The Gigolos, in association with Gypsy Diamond, follow up their AVN Award-nominated debut single “Gimme Some Pants” with sophomore track “Fish Food,” from the soundtrack of new BurningAngel Entertainment comedy Sharkbait.

A fun throwback to '60s surf-rock, "Fish Food" is available for download and streaming on platforms including Amazon, iTunes and Rdio.
“'Fish Food' is a danceable, retro-sounding rock song that everyone should have playing at their beach parties this summer,” lead singer and BA founder Angel said. “It goes well with a side of makeout sessions, bikinis and bonfires.”
Gigolos members "Small Hands" and "CL Lewis," from pop-punkers Fenix TX, are joined for this single by guest drummer Hayden Scott, formerly of Awolnation.
The group credits bands such as The Sounds, Blondie, Beehive and the Barracudas, and Sleater-Kinney as their musical inspiration, combining classic punk rock and pop anthems, sprinkled with trademark Joanna Angel humor.
“Don't be mistaken, though, these aren't songs about gangbangs and HJs,” Angel pointed out. "Even though some might perceive a sexy element to the band, I didn't want the songs to be specifically about sex. You can see and hear enough of that stuff at These are just fun songs that we have a good time writing and recording; having fun is the main goal!"