Joanna Angel Striptease Nixed at London Horror Convention

LONDON—Organizers of the Shock Stock horror convention are pretty peeved at the London Police Department after it canceled a scheduled burlesque appearance by adult star Joanna Angel—despite the fact that the Burning Angel founder would not be fully nude.

Bylaw enforcement officers, accompanied by two uniformed London police officers and two plainclothes cops, nixed Angel's dance performance after receiving a complaint. Under the bylaws a single complaint could prompt an investigation.

Angel told AVN that she was informed by convention organizers to tone down her planned dance at the convention after party and not do anything provocative because they were "getting heat." Angel wasn't sure if she was getting fully nude or not, and was waiting for specific instructions from organizers.

"The whole point was that my dance was meant to be arousing, so if I couldn't take anything off or even move suggestively, it probably was best for me not to do it at all," Angel said. "I wasn't sure exactly what happened or who instructed them to tell me this; it was a little confusing, but in the end, I just hosted the party and no one got in trouble, though I am disappointed I didn't get to dance because I know some people came to see me."

Angel, who's produced and starred in a few horror-themed adult movie parodies, appeared at the convention all three days to meet-and-greet fans.