Joanna Angel Propositions Former Rep. Weiner

LOS ANGELES—Job offers from the adult entertainment industry to newly-resigned Congressman Anthony Weiner are pouring in. On the heels of Hustler mogul Larry Flynt’s compelling offer to the discraced pol yesterday, Joanna Angel has an offer of a different stripe. 

Angel, a Brooklynite herself, like the former Congressman, seeks Weiner and the sizeable package to which he constantly refers, to do a sex scene for charity—an anal sex scene. Now that he’s currently unemployed, Weiner should give Angel’s offer a serious look.

C’mon Congressman, it’s for charity!

Below is the text of Angel’s letter.

Dear Mr. Weiner:

Thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry. My name is Joanna Angel (aka: Punk Rock Porn Princess) and founder/owner of I’m also a Jew, like you.

In lieu of your recent troubles within the mainstream press, and your obvious love and obsession with porn, sexting, twexting and there must be some voyeurism in there too, I cordially invite you to do a legitimate sex scene with me where 100% of the profits go to charity.

So what do you think?

Of course, your wife can join us. I love three-ways! Considering the leaked pictures of your cock, I’d welcome the opportunity for a back door man.

Since you know Twitter so well, follow me @joannaangel.

Yours in dirty sexy porn,

XoXo – Joanna Angel