Joanna Angel Makes Mainstream Turn in 'Scrapper'

SEATTLE—Adult performer/director Joanna Angel takes a detour into the mainstream movie world with indie drama Scrapper, screening May 21 and 22 at the Seattle International Film Festival, where Angel will be on hand for Q&A along with director Brady Hall and several other cast members.

Scrapper stars Michael Beach (Sons of Anarchy) as Hollis Wallace, a man whose means of support for himself and his ailing mother is scavenging and selling copper, aluminum and other valuable metals. Angel plays Naomi, the struggling single-mom caretaker to Mrs. Wallace.

"We wanted the role of Naomi to be something other than the cliché that you see in almost every movie and TV show," Hall said. "[Angel] perfectly captured the attitude of Naomi, a single mother constantly frustrated by Hollis' inability to get home on time, and brought a lot of fun to the set. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets more offers to work with all her clothes on."

Added Angel herself, "Being in this movie was truly an honor. I loved working alongside Michael Beach, who taught me so much. I can't wait to see the film! A lot of love, passion and hard work went into the film by everyone in the cast."

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