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SOMERSET, N.J.—New Jersey's weekly business journal focused its sites today on a hometown girl done good. Joanna Angel, co-founder of the BurningAngel empire, spoke with about launching her business, and sustaining it.  

You've all heard the story by now: Angel co-founded during her senior year at Rutgers University, and now 11 years later, "that business is a solid, ever-expanding company with several employees and a growing inventory of products. She owes her success to the same ingredients rattled off by most small-business owners: Hard work followed by more hard work," said

Angel, who holds a Bachelor's degree in English, has worked in porn since she graduated, but she didn't initially think she created a brand that's now known worldwide. 

At first updated only every six weeks. Now the site's updated a lot more frequently, to say the least, and the company's produced around 95 movies winning AVN Awards for its efforts. 

But, as Angel cautions, it's not as easy as it seems. 

"People think there's easy money in porn, but there's not," she said. "In this day and age, there's no easy money anywhere.

"You really have to understand that being your own boss is wonderful," Angel added. "But you are going to give up your whole life."

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