Joanna Angel Cameos in 'Edmund and Pablo' Pilot

LOS ANGELES—Head BurningAngel Joanna Angel does a brief straightforward acting stint in the pilot episode of off-the-wall sitcom The Further Adventures of Edmund and Pablo, which stars comic Jon Daly, True Blood's Michael McMillian and Oscar nominee Russ Tamblyn, among others.

In the vein of The Sarah Silverman Program, the Edmund and Pablo pilot revolves around the maniacal lengths to which the title characters (Daly and McMillian, respectively) go to keep Edmund from having to once again recruit a new roommate from Craigslist when his latest one moves out after just a day. Angel turns up as one of the hosts of a dinner party they attend.

Producer Justin Dittrich raved of Angel's work in the episode, "Joanna's character is not a porn star, exotic dancer, escort or sex worker of any type, further validating her mainstreem crossover success. If more episodes are made, Joanna would have an expanded, recurring role."

Dittrich, who has some experience in adult production as well, said Edmund and Pablo came about as a result of his having actually been a Craigslist roomate to writer/director Ed Dougherty, who he'd vaguely known at USC film school. He added that while scripts have been written and plans made for future episodes, "Our main project right now is a feature comedy that we plan to shoot ourselves for not very much money, using lessons we learned on this."

The pilot episode of The Further Adventures of Edmund and Pablo was posted today in two parts on YouTube. It can be viewed using the links below:

Part 1:

Part 2: