JM's <i>Tough Love</i> A Hit in Australia

VICTORIA, Australia - According to a Feb. 17 article in The Age, Jim Powers' Tough Love series for JM Productions is a big hit in the state of Victoria, despite local laws prohibiting the sale of 'unclassified' sex videos.

An employee of the Erotica Plus store on Russell Street told The Age that volumes of Tough Love "typically sell out the same day the titles hit shelves." The report goes on to describe the box cover image of "a naked woman having her head flushed down a toilet bowl by a man dressed in black" and the slogan: "Love should leave marks."

While Victorian law bans the sale of X-rated or 'unclassified' movies, it's not illegal to watch or own them and the laws are largely ignored by police. The investigative report found "tens of thousands" of unclassified adult DVDs for sale in local stores.

Said JM owner Jeff Mike, "While we are very pleased with the success of our product in Australia, we feel that we can't call our market penetration there fully complete until we get all of our titles on the Gizmondo handheld device, which is really popular Down Under."

An interactive HD DVD version of Tough Love for the Gizmondo is reportedly in the works, but JM has not yet confirmed details.

To read the full report, click here.

Pictured: Acclaimed actor Dirty Harry in a scene from "Tough Love 3."