JM Rolls Out 'Real Amateur Solos' Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—JM Productions introduces a new series next week, Real Amateur Solos, presenting ordinary girls from the Rockwellian homes of America diddling themselves on camera for the very first time.

"There's nothing more magical than when you get a newbie on film stuffing her holes with a huge dildo for the first time," said JM publicist Tony Malice. "Because you know that within a few weeks she'll be back at the office signing up for Gag Factor.

"Sometimes this is the only time that one of these girls will ever be caught on film with her twat and asshole stretched open for the world to see," Malice continued. "Maybe they just needed money for rent or a new pair of shoes. We may never get to see them in an American Bukkake, but we can certainly jerk off to their solo masturbation scene forever."

The first edition of Real Amateur Solos streets Monday, Apr. 19, and stars the never-before-seen Angelica, Daphne, Amilea and Alana.

In order to recruit these girls, Malice explained, "We searched the internet to find regular girls who were contemplating entering the world of porno. It took a lot of time and patience to talk these girls into appearing on camera, but eventually it paid off. You'll be surprised what a girl will do when you promise her fame and fortune—even if it makes their anus very, very sore."

Distributors interested in ordering Real Amateur Solos may contact JM at (800) 550-3659. For more information or to purchase a copy, visit