JM Rolls Out Jim Powers' 'Fuck Truck'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - AVN award-winning director Jim Powers loads up his RV with insane porn whores and hitch-hiking degenerates in Fuck Truck, the latest release from Powersville and JM Productions.

According to a press release from JM publicist and wig connoisseur Tony Malice, Powers' goal in making the video was "to get the whores out on the road and away from the moral restraints of big city life,"

"Once you get these girls away from their pimps and loser boyfriends the whole equation really changes and they become totally depraved sluts," said Powers. "Sure, the disgraceful stuff they do on the Fuck Truck probably made it so they could never return home to their families, but at least they have their freedom."

Fuck Truck follows top-billed "worthless sluts" Brooke Scott, Cassidy Blue, Desire Moore, and Holly Wellin as they travel with Powers' posse across the Southwest to concerts, parties, and tourist attractions.

"The best part about the Fuck Truck is that it's all real," said driver Johnny Thrust. "This is how porn should be, the girls are just out on the open road sucking and fucking everyone they meet just to pass the time. This is the great American road trip that people dream about!"

In addition to the four whores with extremely questionable decision-making skills, Fuck Truck features 48 other degenerates who Powers and company picked up along the way to participate in the unchecked debauchery.

"It's true; on every leg of their journey they picked up numerous real life drifters, punks, vagabonds, and hitchhikers to fuck these girls," said Malice, nervously adjusting his borrowed toupee. "There's something really refreshing about watching a porn star let a homeless stranger come up her ass. They don't discriminate on the Fuck Truck, no matter how smelly your balls are."

And speaking of smelly balls, JM is also releasing Brandon Iron's 279 More Pop Shots. The new DVD features 279 money shots from the director/performer's series A Good Source of Iron.

"Obviously, I love getting blown," said Brandon. "I feed these girls my sperm and film it for the viewing pleasure of the masses. It's my gift to humanity."

Fuck Truck and 279 More Pop Shots will be available June 16. Distributors can order now by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659. For more information, visit