JM Productions Presents 'Mother of the Year'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - JM Productions has launched a new MILF series entitled Mother of the Year.

Directed by Jim Powers, the new series picks up where the JM/Powers line Wife, Mother, Whore left off by featuring only "real-life mothers who work hard to pay the bills by filling their mouths, cunts, and assholes with the cocks of random degenerates for your viewing pleasure."
Each scene opens with an in-depth interview focusing on the performer's parenting skills, "before she gets her holes mercilessly stretched and turned inside-out."

"Sure, these interviews are definitely conducted with a hint of sarcasm," said JM publicist Tony Malice. "And maybe in the real world these chicks wouldn't be winning an award by letting a dysfunctional miscreant like Seth Dickens pollute and defile their holes, but in pornoland we definitely feel comfortable anointing them as the Mother of the Year."

Mother of the Year stars Adriana, Kaiya Lynn, Holly West, and Alanna Ackerman. Director Powers argued that despite the mockery, these women are truly good mothers: "After all, you'd have to be a very dedicated mom if you're paying your diaper bills by letting a scumbag like Otto Bauer pry open your asshole and spit into it, wouldn't you?"

Malice pointed out that while other titles in the MILF porn genre include women who do not have children, Mother of the Year features "only young, hot whores who are sucking and fucking to support their child, despite the fact that they're probably not even sure who the kid's father actually is."

Mother of the Year is available now. Distributors can order now by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659. For more information or to acquire your copy, visit