JM Productions Begins Releasing Blu-ray

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - JM Productions will begin releasing titles from its high definition catalog on Blu-ray disc starting in May with The Violation of Trina Michaels.


"The writing has been on the wall for about six months based on dominance in sheer numbers of Blu-ray players in the marketplace, led of course by Sony’s Playstation 3," said JM founder Jeff Steward. "When it was reported that Toshiba was dropping HD DVD hardware from its lineup, it clearly signaled that the world was truly ready to receive HD jack-off material on Blu-ray."



JM has been shooting in hi-def for two years, patiently awaiting the outcome of the HD format war. The company now has approximately 30 titles ready for Blu-ray release, according to publicist Tony Malice.

"We avoided investing heavily in unsure technologies like HD DVD and Gizmondo," said Malice. "But now, we can fully invest our resources in bringing quality HD filth to the fans in one unified format. In the end, I feel that our fans are truly the winners here."

Initial plans call for JM to release one Blu-ray title per month. That number is likely to increase as Blu-ray becomes more popular. All of the labels distributed by JM eventually planning to release hi-def product.





Malice told AVN that the company chose The Violation of Trina Michaels as its premier Blu-ray release based on its popularity and performance on standard DVD.


"The Trina Michaels video is actually a really popular title," he said. "It was a really well-received Violation movie with great hardcore girl/girl action and we thought it was a good starting place."


JM believes the market for Blu-ray porn is ripe for exploitation, given that most adult titles released on the format thus far have been couples' features or so-called "alt-porn".


"Until now most of the adult titles available on Blu-ray have been the kind you could keep in your living room and tell your friends ‘Hey, look at this glamorous porn I got on Blu-ray,'" Malice said. "But let’s face it, the last things you want to see when you’re trying to jack off are waterfalls, pirate ships, or Eon McKai. Now people looking to drain their balls in the comfort of their home theater have a solution that is designed from the ground up with their most depraved and perverted needs in mind. We’re proud to finally bring real porn to high definition."


The Violation of Trina Michaels will be available on Blu-ray on May 27. A Blu-ray edition of Girlvert 13 will follow in June, with additional releases to be announced as they become available.



Distributors can order now by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659. For more information or to acquire your copy visit