JM Productions Begins Blu-ray Blitz

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - JM Productions has released its first Blu-ray disc, The Violation of Trina Michaels. Originally announced in March, the title marks the beginning of the company's plan to capture a consumer base hungry for hi-def porn.

"The mainstream movie business is really beginning to churn out a lot of Blu-ray content, and that's only going to continue increasing demand for the hardware," said JM publicist Tony Malice. "But most of the adult material currently available on Blu-ray is limited to couples' fare or middle-of-the-road gonzo. With the price of players going down, we believe that Blu-ray will expose the JM brand to a new group of consumers."

To accommodate a broader group of buyers, JM has designed alternate packaging for Trina and its other Blu-ray boxes with softcore images on the back cover.

"Obviously Blu-ray is a very high end format and lends itself well towards being marketed to mainstream consumers in a wide variety of retail environments," said JM owner Jeff Steward. "Major electronics and audio/video retailers will find this softcore packaging to be very appropriate for their customers." 

Buyers should inquire with their sales rep about the availability of the softcore packaging option.

Following the release of Trina on May 27, JM will release one Blu-ray title per month. Next on JM's Blu-ray schedule are Girlvert 13 on June 30 and Tough Love 11 on July 28.

Distributors can order now by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659.  For more information or to acquire your copy, visit