JM Productions Adds Easter Eggs to DVDs

The DVD version of JM Productions’ Perverted Stories 15 will contain the adult studio’s first “Easter egg,” a hidden bonus feature. JM Productions will include Easter eggs on all its future DVD releases.

The Easter eggs on JM Productions’ DVDs can only be accessed by entering specific button sequences on the DVD player’s remote control while browsing the disc’s menus.

JMP’s Easter eggs may include additional hardcore footage from the movie, behind the scenes footage from that or another JMP release, bonus scenes or other something else. “DVD Easter Eggs are our way of giving even more stroke value to the fans,” explains JMP owner Jeff Steward, “This feature will be something that true perverts will appreciate.”

“As many DVD enthusiasts know, Easter eggs have been available on mainstream titles for years,” points out JMP publicist Tony Malice, “Sadly though, those Easter Eggs usually don’t have disturbingly gaped anuses or whores drenched in buckets of stinky cum. It’s just not right. We pledge to pick up where Hollywood left off.”

To access the bonus content on Perverted Stories 15 simply highlight the “chapters” button on the disc’s main menu, then using the cursor buttons press [right], [right], & [down].

This will highlight the JMP logo. Then simply press [select] or [ok] to begin playing the Easter egg. A comprehensive list of JMP DVDs containing Easter Eggs will be maintained on

The Perverted Stories 15 DVD hits the streets on March 1st.

Distributors wishing to carry JMP DVDs and videos should contact (800) 550-3659.