Jim Powers Wins Director of the Year

After turning in a prolific year filled with cum, spit, and tears, industry veteran Jim Powers directed his way to victory at this year's AVN awards in the newly created Director of the Year (Body of Work) category. Powers, who directs for popular studios JM Productions, Sin City, and his own company, Powersville, was simply ecstatic over his win.

"It's the one award I wanted to win more than anything," said Powers. "As a pornographer in today's world, you can't just count on one movie and sit on your laurels. You have to be constantly pushing all year long."

Powers was especially moved by the award's implied significance.

"I think this award recognizes the fact that while I've helped make certain things, like the terms we use in the movies, part of Americana, I'm all about making things that kids can aspire to do—like the Gag Factor series and American Bukkake," explained a teary-eyed Powers. "It's much bigger what I'm trying to accomplish than just make a movie. It's almost a revolution."

Of all his work in 2006, Powers is proudest of the Sodom and Dementia series for Sin City, but points out American Bukkake and Gag Factor as his personal favorites to shoot. "They're just pure enjoyment. Nothing but fun," Powers chortled uncontrollably. "Watching those poor girls with all that spit and filth pouring down their faces while they're upside down with their eyes getting covered and it's in their hair and noses. That's just fun. It almost looks like an art piece—a sculpture of spit."

Powers credits his ongoing motivation to create masturbatory masterpieces to a constant influx of young and naïve girls. "I've been in this business for 16 years," explained Powers. "But the girls stay the same. And I like the girls more and more every year. They're more fun...but that's because I'm becoming a creepier and creepier old man."

As of this writing, Powers was shooting JM Productions' White Trash Whore #37, featuring Chelsie Rai; and keeping an eye out for young Japanese girls for his own Powersville title, Japanese School Girls.

"My Powersville movies are just a labor of love," said Powers. "Jeff Mike [JM Productions owner] says they're boring because I do too much story and setups. But, I like a story. I like a reason for the sex. I'm very old-school. I only watch old, old pornos. I love watching old porn movies like Taboo and Deep Throat and Devil in Miss Jones. All that stuff from the late Seventies and early Eighties is my favorite. It's had a big-time influence. I'm not too influenced by the retards running around today."

But is Powers an influence on those retards?

"I'd like to influence the retards," laughed Powers, "because I'm the most retarded of all!"

Other 2007 AVN award-winning titles directed by Powers include Dementia (Best Continuing Series) and Girlvert 11 (Most Outrageous Sex Scene).