Jim Powers Rings In <i>Tinkle Time 2</i> for JM

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - There are pissing videos, and then there are magnum pissing opuses. And JM Productions' Tinkle Time 2, director Jim Powers wants you to know, falls squarely amongst the ranks of the latter.

"Tinkle Time 2 is the greatest piss video ever made," boasted Powers, who made a guest appearance last Monday on "The Howard Stern Show" alongside fellow JM-distributed directors Mike Sullivan and Max Hardcore. "Now, you'll say, 'Jim ... you say that about everything! That's a lot of hyperbole!' No it's not. It's the very first piss video ever that actually opens up like a music video, where I have Chelsea Rae singing to the tune of 'Vacation' a new song, 'Urination, it's all she ever wanted.' I think this movie really sets a new level, a new watermark in piss videos. We've thrown the gauntlet down."

Indeed, Powers' revelry over pissing at once exhilarates and overwhelms. "Tinkle Time is about the joy of the golden fluid," he enthused. "It's about dancing in the piss and enjoying life. And it's the happiest piss video ever made. Tinkle Time 1 also came with a music video, but this time you actually have one of the girls singing and pissing. There's like 40 girls in the movie just pissing, just having a good time.

"No expense was spared," he continued. "I spent an entire day shooting the [music] video; I have her inside a carnival, going down slides like old Go-Gos videos, dancing on the beach. It's amazing. You really need to see this movie to put yourself in the frame of mind, 'cause we're out defending the flag. [JM owner] Jeff Mike is facing 15 years in prison for bringing you things like this. He's opening up the doors! You know, there was once a day when guys like Thomas Jefferson were throwing tea into the ocean. Well that's what we're doing — we're throwing pee into the ocean."

Tinkle Time 2 streets from JM Oct. 8. For more information, go to www.jerkoffzone.com.