Jim Powers Blasts Off with New Series

On May 21, AVN award-winning director Jim Powers will unleash Ass Blasting Felching Anal Whores, the first volume in a Powersville series that brings new, vivid meaning to the word 'unsanitary.'

"It's a classic. I've created ass artistry," beamed Powers. "I think it's going to make a lot of people nostalgic for the bygone days of Mila and her ass art."

Powers spared no cost for the project, spending a small fortune on gallons of milk and food coloring. 

"Every girl squirts a color of the rainbow," Powers explained. "And, each girl has her own color unique to her personality. Audrey's is pink. Isabella's is blue. They squirt the colored milk enemas throughout the entire scenes. You never know when an ass-blast is going to hit someone's face! And, let me tell you, Isabella's sphincter is so tight she could hit a hummingbird from 20 yards away. It's amazing!"

Ass Blasting Felching Anal Whores stars Audrey Hollander, Isabella Pacino, Alicia Angel, and Cindy Crawford.

For more information, visit www.jerkoffzone.com.