JFK Signs Two-Year Promo Deal With Epoch

Industry photographer Julius F. Kedvessy, aka JFK, of FUBARwebmasters.com has signed an exclusive two-year agreement to promote Epoch at adult industry events.

Epoch will brand JFK’s camera strap; the deal will not affect the one he has with Braincash, which pays him five figures to wear clothing adorned with the Braincash logo. The Epoch deal is also in the five-figure range for the duration of the two-year contract.

“It’s hard to imagine an adult industry event not covered by FUBAR,” says Rand Pate, communications director at Epoch. “JFK has become the unofficial documentation for adult industry events. He has the uncanny ability to show up at nearly every party and capture the moments we all get to relive on FUBARwebmasters.com. He’s known for his photos and the ever-present camera.”

For his part, JFK says this will be his final sponsorship deal for the time being.

“This is excellent. I’m happy to be associated with such a great company,” he says.