Jewel De'Nyle to Launch Platinum Jewel

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Jewel De'Nyle is preparing to launch her own production company. The former starlet and current director told, "I've got three movies in the can and I'm getting ready to start Platinum Jewel."

The first planned release is an all-girl feature. De'Nyle explained, "No Boys, No Toys was originally going to go out through Pleasure Productions, but they had me shoot a different movie for them instead with their contract girl Tera Wray. I ended up keeping No Boys, No Toys for myself. It stars Arianna Jolie."

Prior to her plans to launch her own company, De'Nyle was releasing her work through Fifth Element. As she explained, "I was putting stuff out through Fifth Element, but it's time for me to do my own thing again. I like having my own company."

Her final release from Fifth Element is an interracial title starring Trina Michaels, but De'Nyle plans to keep the line going through her new company. De'Nyle said, "I just shot a Trina Michaels Interracial Interactive which will be the last title of mine for Fifth Element. But I'm going to be continuing the Interracial Interactive line for Platinum Jewel."

On tap for Platinum Jewel will be three new projects. According to De'Nyle, "I have No Boys, No Toys, and I also have Go Fuck Your Hand which is all-girl solo masturbation with no toys, and I also have a b.j. movie called Suckulent Sluts."

De'Nyle says that she still has some work to do getting her company started, but sees the launch sometime within the next two months. As she told, "I still have to get my logo done for the new company and I have to get the trailers together, so it's a work in progress. I'm hoping to have the first release out in September."