Jewel De’Nyle Selling Off Platinum X Catalog Titles

Multiple AVN award-winner Jewel De'Nyle has announced that she is selling off her ownership of over 60 titles in the Platinum X catalog.

"I want to go back into directing full-time, so I'm selling the entire catalog with the exception of a few titles," De'Nyle told "Ownership is too much of a headache and too stressful. I've been doing it for several years now, and I don't want the burden of being a full-time owner. Directing is kind of where my heart is, and how I started in the first place."

De'Nyle will continue to maintain ownership of a select few titles at 5th Element, including Interracial Interactive, Asian Interactive and girl/girl series Nasty Dirty Girls. "Fifth Element has given me the freedom to direct for other companies," she said. "I'm not an exclusive director for them, but they are the exclusive distributor for the products that I own."

De'Nyle plans to direct an as-yet untitled girl/girl series for Anarchy Films, and is currently negotiating directorial offers from other adult production companies.

"I'm going back and forth between New York and Los Angeles to shoot," she said. "The good thing about being in New York is that you get a mix of talent instead of just being stuck in the L.A. rut. It's a whole different scene here in New York…it's just a completely different pace, and a different group of people."

The winner of AVN's 2001 Female Performer of the Year award said that she has no current plans to revive her career in front of the cameras. "If I did do a comeback, it would have to be for a high-profile movie, with a high-profile girl," she said.

Companies interested in De'Nyle's directorial services may contact her via e-mail at [email protected]