Jessy Jones Tells His Side of the Story

LOS ANGELES—After AVN reported Monday on Kendall Karson's desire to do charity work on behalf of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) in the wake of ending her relationship with male performer Jessy Jones, Jones contacted AVN with a desire to tell his side of the story. 

First, he emphatically denied choking Karson in an incident that occurred at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif., on Feb. 22. 

"I'm not one to put my dirty laundry in public to try to get work," Jones said. "She brought stuff from my past out that has nothing to do with this and it's totally breaching my privacy. We had a bad breakup. She flipped the fuck out, went and called the cops and tried to use something that didn't happen against me. I'd never touch a woman. I never put my hands on her neck. I put my hand lightly on her chest to stop her from walking by because I wanted to talk and settle the situation before she could leave me stranded at the airport. I did not choke her for 20 seconds in broad daylight in front of people. [Is she] serious? Does she have any pictures with marks? I was hoping a simple conversation could have solved everything."

Karson insisted to AVN that airport security footage will show that Jones choked her. 

And though he acknowledges that he sent Karson a text message in which he apologized for choking her, he said what he really meant was that he was sorry for being loud and starting an argument before leaving for her trip and if Karson wasn't going to let it go, he felt it was best to just apologize and move on.

Jones explained that though their relationship had rough spots he never threatened Karson or assaulted her. Both parties described the jealousy that ran rampant in their relationship, and agreed that it's a natural occurrence when your job is to have sex with other people. 

Jones said he was motivated to clear his name particularly because work is hard enough to come by as a male performer, and that these allegations come at a time just as he was starting to again book adult work. 

"I need to be able to present myself and tell my side of the story that it's nonsense," Jones said. "I would never ever do such a thing. I never admitted to choking her. Never ever. I just got citizenship; why would I try to mess that up? She wants me not to work in the industry and not cross paths with her. She's trying to make me look like a woman beater and slander my name using social media."

Jones also denies breaking the restraining order he was served with at Karson's apartment in the early morning hours of March 9. Karson had claimed that after being served by police, Jones returned shortly after to retrieve his motorcycle, which she says she can back up with security footage. Jones claims that he took his vehicle upon being initially escorted off the property and didn't return. He described waiting to be picked up outside the building, and when the car didn't show, he retrieved his motorcycle. 

According to Karson, she called police to her apartment after a startled Jones dropped a knife in the hallway when Karson trailed him to the garage, suspicious of his activities. Jones explained that he took a knife with him to the garage to take off the old registration sticker on his motorcycle so he could put a new one on and never threatened her with it. Karson asserts that she was afraid and felt threatened so she called the police.

Jones reports that the pair was intimate in their personal lives and that they shot a scene in between the incident at the airport on Feb. 22 and the temporary restraining order being served on March 9, "so how could she be so scared of me? … If she was so scared, how come it took her so long to file the report?"

Karson says the sex scene took place on Feb. 9, and the stills on March 1, telling AVN that the two were not intimate at work or at home after the incident at the airport. 

"There's no way we were getting back together; he knows this," she said. "We only shot stills—no video—and we didn't have sex. I only agreed to do this because he couldn't sell the scene without stills. ... He guilted me into it. It was a POV type thing shot weeks before. [After the airport] we had no sex at all. It was strictly professional. I told him we can't go back after what he did."

Despite their issues, Jones admitted that he loved Karson but recognizes that it's in both their interests to move on and go their separate ways. 

"I will admit that she's an awesome girl; I loved her deeply and wish her best," Jones said. "We had been through rough times together, but again, I never put my hands on her. French people talk loud and express themselves—that would be the most I'd do. Kendall is really conservative and doesn't like to talk—she'd rather text or not address the issue. I have to stand up for myself here."

Jones says that he's never been arrested and has no criminal record. 

"There's two sides to every story. She's just pushing this one side, and her pushing it makes me look weak," Jones said. "This is a girl-centered business and I know how this works. I won't play her games. This is just an argument and some trust issues that blew up. We had a communication problem and all of this is he said-she said."

Jones said that he's retained a lawyer and looks forward to defending himself in court on March 29.