Jessica Jaymes, Vlad Quigley Team Up for Online Graphic Novel

Celebrated gothic artist Vlad Quigley and Hustler contract star Jessica Jaymes have launched a monthly online graphic novel, Varney the Vampyre: Restoration Punk.

Described as up-market, highbrow sleaze for an adult female erotica audience, the graphic novel is free to view. Every month a new chapter is added to the 13-chapter story.

Varney the Vampyre is the debauched James Bond of vampires, full of charm and constantly getting into outrageous scrapes—particularly if there’s a beautiful woman involved. Varney’s bawdy personality is very close to that of the real 17th century rake John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester.

Quigley has spent 20 years researching the graphic novel’s 17th century English setting. A new high in naked shrieking terror, Quigley has written Varney the Vampyre as 13 self-contained, blood-drenched graphic novel chapters. He often uses phrasing from 17th century writers like Ben Jonson, Aphra Behn, John Wilmot, Ned Ward, John Milton and Anne Finch.

“I collaborate with nude models who have male fan bases,” says Quigley. “However, my extremely loyal fans are generally an intelligent, articulate, well-read female erotica audience who ordinarily wouldn’t be seen dead looking at my models. But they tell me they relate emotionally to the spiritual depth embedded within my erotic art. And through my art they adopt my models, taking them into their hearts and become extremely protective of them.”

Jaymes modeled for Quigley for several years before becoming his contract muse. As Quigley’s muse, Jaymes is the official likeness for the majority of female roles in the Varney the Vampyre graphic novel, as well as the female lead and the comic’s co-owner.

“Jessica is a straight arrow,” says Quigley. “Her loyalty and integrity [are] beyond question. I find her versatility, beauty, warmth, charisma and charm such an asset.”