Jessica Drake Featured In <i>Stuff</i>

Wicked Pictures contract performer Jessica Drake is featured in the current issue of Stuff magazine in a piece highlighting the hot Jessicas of the world.

In the two-page feature titled “The Jessica Trifecta," Drake is featured alongside Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Rabbit, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Hahn and that ultra-hottie of all hotties — the late actress Jessica Tandy.

Of the Jessicas in the group, Drake told that Simpson is her favorite.

“She’s hot and slightly dumb and I want to bang her,” Drake said with a grin.

Drake was on the set of the Brad Armstrong-directed production The Curse Eternal this weekend where she stars in the role of Samantha Stewart, an archaeologist who discovers an Egyptian queen’s tomb. Drake is also assistant art director on the production — her first time working in this capacity.

“I think it’s going to be a beautiful movie. I painted a lot of the set and I put a lot into it. It was a lot of fun doing not just my work in front of the camera but having something to do with the rest of the movie’s look as well,” Drake said. “I’d like to do a lot more of this. When we shot The Collector, that was the first time I had more to do with the movie than just being talent. I saw how much work and how much preparing goes into it and that was the first time I thought that I would like to do it.”

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