Jenna Jameson to Host Lingerie Bowl, AOL Radio Spot

The ubiquitous AVN Hall of Famer, Jenna Jameson, has found her way into the mainstream once again. The Arizona Republic reported today that Super Bowl side spectacle, the Lingerie Bowl, will be co-hosted next year by Jameson.

Being held in nearby Scottsdale neighbor Glendale, where the 2008 Super Bowl itself will also be taking place, the Lingerie Bowl pits underwear-clad female athletes against each other in full-contact tackle football.

According to the story, Jameson, who resided in Scottsdale for a number of years before recently relocating to Los Angeles, will be joined in hosting the event by several NFL stars, including William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

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Jameson will also take hosting duties for AOL Radio's "69 Sexiest Songs...Ever." The Club Jenna boss was asked to pick the 69 sexiest songs ever by AOL Music, for a streaming broadcast that went live on Valentines Day.

"It is an honor to have AOL ask me to participate in the countdown," said Jameson. "I introduce the songs in the countdown and put my own sexy spin on why I think they are the sexiest...ever!"

Listening to these songs and being with the one you love- or maybe someone you want to love- it is a sure fire aphrodisiac."

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