Jenna Jameson Stars in <i>Zombie Strippers</i>

HOLLYWOOD — Jenna Jameson stars opposite Robert Englund of Nightmare on Elm Street fame in Sony Pictures' Zombie Strippers, coming to theaters in a limited release beginning April 18.

Featuring Jameson's boyfriend Tito Ortiz in a cameo, Zombie Strippers was written and directed by Jay Lee. According to, the movie depicts the events that unfold when "a secret government re-animation chemo-virus gets released into conservative Sartre, Nebraska and lands in an underground strip club. As the virus begins to spread, turning the strippers into 'Super Zombie Strippers,' the girls struggle with whether or not to conform to the new 'fad' even if it means there's no turning back."

Though it may sound like the most unabashedly Z-grade of premises, there's a message to be found here, according to writer/director Lee, and Jenna has everything to do with it.

In a statement posted on the movie's MySpace page, Lee says, "We live in a time of blatant, brutal and deadly hypocrisy. Sex scandals run rampant in the conservative political and religious leadership. Wars are raged, nations bombed, bibles are thumped with roaring hatred and intolerance and yet accusatory fingers are aimed at music and movies. ...

"When it comes to the sexual retrograde of this country the facts are still undeniable," Lee goes on. "Since the readily availability [sic] of pornography in the home thanks to the internet, sex crimes in this country are down more than 40 percent. And yet the hypocrisy of this country rages even louder, lashing out even stronger against the evils of the sex industry all in the name 'decency' and 'morality.' ...

"It is possible that this arena holds the key to turning the tides on our moral retrograde. And it is Jenna Jameson that stands in the forefront of this debate, as crusader, scapegoat, spokesperson, hero and villain all wrapped up in one.

"We wanted to make a film with a message disguised under the façade of a horror/comedy. We wanted to throw the hypocrisies of our time in the face of mainstream America. And to do that we'd need some pretty strong allies. We'd need a strong political and social voice that was also a star, an icon that could make the film popular enough to attract an audience big enough for our message to be heard loud enough to make a difference. It was obvious who that person was — Jenna Jameson. ...

"Jenna Jameson ... is a statement in herself that may very well be the commanding voice to stop this country's regression into a new dark age of fanaticism and ignorance. If our little film can make a fraction of the difference Jenna has made, I'll be a very happy filmmaker."

In the Los Angeles area, Zombie Strippers will be opening at the Landmark Nuart Theatre April 18. For other cities and exhibitors, see the movie's official website, and to view the trailer and learn more, visit and