Jenna Jameson Scorches the Screen in Vivid's 'Burn'

LOS ANGELES — Jenna Jameson scorches the screen in director Paul Thomas' Vivid Entertainment feature Burn, hitting shelves August 28.

A character study in the vein of the multiple AVN Award-winning Jameson/P.T. collaboration The Masseuse, Burn stars Jenna as a conflicted woman in a lesbian relationship with Stephanie Swift. Complications arise when Jenna falls into a Dom/sub sexual affair with her outrageously demanding new boss (Justin Sterling.)

"Burn is Jenna's best performance ever," Thomas told AVN. "She's a sympathetic, real character. The relationship between her and Stephanie Swift feels a lot more real, certainly, than most lesbian relationships in X-rated movies. It makes the sex better."

Burn was shot in 2005, but the release was delayed because the master tapes were severely damaged.

"We spent well over $100,000 just fixing it, and it was a very expensive movie to begin with," the director said. "It feels like the last of a dying breed to me. Relative to the fodder that's out there, it's a fuckin' masterpiece, I'm positive of that. Is it the best thing I've ever done? No. But it's the first movie like this I've done since The Masseuse, where it really concentrates on a very few people and, except for the big, big orgy they go to, I really stayed true to the story; there's not a whole lot of sex. But particularly between Jenna and Stephanie, I think that's great, great stuff. And God, Jenna looks so soft, and so angelic, and so beautiful."

Also starring in Burn are Justine Joli, Taylor Rain, Lauren Phoenix, Natasha Sweet, Cytherea, Mr. Marcus, Julian and Evan Stone.

Burn begins shipping August 21. For sales inquiries, contact David Peskin at (866) 466-6969 ext. 108 or [email protected].