Jenna Jameson Says 'Pleather Yourself' for PETA

LOS ANGELES — Animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will attempt to generate interest in leather alternatives by unveiling a Bettie Page-inspired ad featuring adult icon Jenna Jameson wearing a black wig and a "pleather" bikini.

The new PETA ad is called "Pleather Yourself: Discover the Pleasure of Pleather," and Jameson will unveil the campaign, which was shot by top celebrity photographer Gavin Bond, as part of Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Jameson said of the campaign, "It is OK to be an animal in bed, but not at the expense of real animals. Pleather yourself every day, every night, every chance you get! Anybody who knows me knows that I've kind of lived half my life in pleather. And if I can show off the hot look of pleather and convert a few leather lovers, then mission accomplished. The outfit that I'm wearing in the ad is so sexy that I suggest if people want to have a better time in the bedroom - then please explore the pleather side."

PETA contends that for every piece of leather, the animals from which it's derived endure the cruelty of factory farming, including severe crowding, deprivation, castration without any painkillers, branding, tail-docking and dehorning.

The unveiling of the PETA pleather campaign happens today at 5 p.m. at Smashbox Studios, main tent, 8538 Warner Dr., Culver City.

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