Jenna Jameson Pulls Preggo Pix from My Space

As the world learned at the 2008 AVN Awards, Jenna Jameson will never spread her legs for this industry again. This week, with ankles locked in defiance, the retired porn star removed some "baby bump" photos from her popular My Space page in response to Hollywood haters who viciously mocked her pregnancy.

Jameson's personal My Space pix of her growing belly and commentary on the unborn Jenna/Tito twins inevitably provided fodder for numerous Tinseltown gossip websites.

"The blogs really upset Jenna," a close family friend said today in an exclusive interview with the National Ledger. "Jenna has no problem accepting comments about herself most of the time, but even a very thick-skinned person would have problems accepting the angry, nasty comments left about the babies on these Hollywood blogs."

The anonymous friend-of-Jenna continued: "There's just no need for such hatred, especially now, in the most wonderful time in her life. She and Tito couldn't be happier. She's a multi multi multi multi multi millionaire, she doesn't have to do porn scenes anymore, and they're both so happy about the twins!"

Only one of the preggo shots survived Jenna's sudden, devastating My Space purge (see above). And Jenna's not spreading her... er, letting this one go, according to her anonymous booster.

"Jenna doesn't let things go," the friend said, "and don't think Tito is happy about this situation, either."

Meanwhile, TMZ broke the news today that Jenna and Tito have spent a reported $3.4 of those multi-millions on a Huntington Beach mansion. According to the report, "the four bedroom, 3.5 bath waterfront mansion has its own library, walk-in wine cellar, and private boat dock and balcony."