Jenna Jameson Now Available In Australia

Gallery Entertainment and today announced an exclusive marketing alliance with the world's leading adult movie star, Jenna Jameson.

Starting in April, merchandise from her company, ClubJenna, Inc., will be exclusively available within Australia through Gallery Websites and mail order businesses.

Gallery Entertainment and are units of Gallery Global Networks Limited, a publicly traded Australian company (ASX Code: GBN).

Jenna Jameson products include award-winning movies produced by ClubJenna Studio, action figure dolls, a new 'soft core' Interactive DVD series from Peach DVD, plus T-shirts, clothing, baseball caps, lighters, and autographed posters and glossy photographs.

"I've always loved Australia and Australians and I'm looking forward to visiting down under soon," said Jameson. "I'm even more motivated to come now that we have this relationship with Gallery and SharonAusten, which are superb companies that have built worldwide reputations for integrity and exciting new ideas."