Jenna Jameson Looking To Host Talk Show

Porn superstar Jenna Jameson revealed to on Friday, December 12 that she is looking to host her own network talk show in the near future.

"My whole life that is what I wanted to do," the busty blonde star told on the set of Club Jenna 's Krystal Method, staring Club Jenna's first contract girl Krystal Steal. "My father was the president of a TV station in Las Vegas and I used to practice with a teleprompter. I've always been able to relate to people very easily so I just feel it's a natural for me."

Jameson told that she has already been approached by networks and cable for a reality show but is opting for a talk show instead, as it is more suited to her personality.

"I have no interest in a reality show," she stated. " I know if I did one, it would be huge, but that's just not me. It's not what I want to do. I like talking to people."

So why would the host of the Spike TV Video Game Awards pre-show make such a good talk show host?

"People want someone younger, hipper and more experienced to relate to," Jameson said. "I want to know the things that everybody in America wants to know but people are afraid to ask and I'm able to do it [conduct interviews] in a good way where it doesn't make the person feel uncomfortable."

With two roles in major motion pictures out next year, offers for a reality show being lobbed her way, and her sights set on a network TV talk show, can world domination be far off for this doe eyes lass?

"My only goal has always been to be the biggest porn star in the world," Jenna said with a smile. "The rest is just icing on the cake."

Krystal Method is due out through Club Jenna, as distributed by Vivid Entertainment Group, next year.