Jenna Jameson Featured in Ad Campaign for Leor Fine Jewelry

Jenna Jameson continues to merge the adult and mainstream entertainment industries through her undeniable sex appeal and charm. Jameson, who picked up this year's AVN award for Crossover Star of the Year, is featured in the new ad campaign for Las Vegas jewelers, Leor Fine Jewelry.

The ads are currently running in the entertainment and lifestyle periodical, 944 Magazine, and also appear this month in the premiere issue of Racket Magazine, a Vegas-based publication created for and by the city's jet set. 944 releases editions in Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Orange County, San Diego and New York.

After rubbing elbows on numerous occasions with company owner Leor Yerushalmi at various Las Vegas hot spots, Jameson was finally introduced to the young entrepreneur by mutual acquaintance RJ Demman, VP of marketing for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, home to Yerushalmi's Rocks the Jewelers store. Jameson and Yerushalmi formed an immediate friendship upon meeting.

"I have known Leor for a few years now, and had always been a huge fan of his work," said Jameson, who wore Leor-crafted earrings and necklace at this year's AVN Awards show. "We got to talking about how great it would be to do an ad campaign together and the next thing I know we're shooting."

"We both thought that not only would it be a great concept for a jewelry ad, but it would definitely be the hottest jewelry campaign ever created," said Yerushalmi, who along with his brothers and father, Mordechai Yerushalmi, runs 16 jewelry stores located in upscale hotels and casinos throughout Las Vegas. "Jenna's unbelievable looks, William Hawkes' photography and concepts, and my jewelry designs ended up being a perfect combination."

Leor Fine Jewelry, located in the Palms Casino Resort, crafts everything from inexpensive twenty dollar items to one-of-a-kind pieces that can often exceed twenty million dollars. "We pride ourselves on being able to facilitate the customer's needs no matter what they may be," said Yerushalmi, whose clients have included Britney Spears, Justine Timberlake, actress Mena Suvari, and rapper Ginuwine, who had his Playstation 2's controller encrusted with 75 carats in diamonds.

"I actually own many pieces from Leor. I just love the style," said Jameson. "I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work together."

"We never really looked at it as using a porn star for an advertisement," added Yerushalmi. "We looked at it as working together with Jenna and William Hawkes in creating a competitive, unique, and sexy ad campaign. We are always open to different ideas because we are trying to take our Leor Fine Jewelry and Rocks the Jewelers stores to the forefront."

Along with magazines 944 and Racket, Yerushalmi is considering the possibility of running the Jameson ad in Playboy, People, and In Touch.

"A lot of people ask me who that amazing blonde is in our ads and I just tell them to pay a little more attention and they will realize exactly who it is," Yerushalmi said. "They always say, 'Wow! Jenna looks amazing!"

944 and Racket are available now. For more information on Leor Fine Jewelry call 702-382-7411.