Jenna Jameson Billboard Offers Suggestion for Holiday Fun

“This Year Be Naughty and Nice,” urges a new four-story tall Times Square holiday-themed billboard featuring Jenna Jameson this the holiday season. It is the second billboard at 48 Street and 7 Avenue to feature a fetching image of the adult entertainment actress who has been called a “cultural icon.”

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Jenna's holiday billboard

The billboard features Jameson wearing only a pair of stiletto-heeled white boots and balancing two large, silvery blue Christmas tree ornaments decorated with shimmering white ribbon.

The 48-feet high, 32-feet wide “Jenna for the Holidays” billboard is sponsored by, her Website, and by, the website of Vivid Entertainment, the leading adult movie company and distributor of Ms. Jameson’s videos and DVDs. The billboard also shows a package cover of her latest release, Bella Loves Jenna.

The Jameson billboard program began last August. On the first billboard, Jameson asks, "Who Says They Cleaned Up Times Square?" as she gazed down on the Times Square throng dressed in very tiny panties and with her gloved hands placed strategically over fish net-covered breasts.