Jenna Jameson’s E! True Hollywood Story Airs This Weekend

This Sunday E! True Hollywood Story presents two hours of Jenna Jameson that covers some of Jameson’s life in great detail, including her marriage to longtime boyfriend and ClubJenna CEO Jay Grdina, otherwise known as Justin Sterling, this past June.

Jameson sat down for an exclusive interview with the network to talk about how she overcame personal demons to create a multimillion-dollar merchandising empire and defied the critics by blazing a path to mainstream notoriety. 

“I love watching the stories of legendary people on The E! True Hollywood Story so I was excited when they called to say they wanted to do a feature on my life. It is one of my favorite shows to watch and I feel very honored,” says Jameson. “They have been incredibly thorough and they’ve uncovered stuff about me that I actually didn’t know or had never thought about.” 

The E! True Hollywood Story traces Jameson's life from her birth in Las Vegas, through a childhood that included the death of her mother from cancer and her upbringing by her very supportive father, who used to answer the door in his police uniform when dates picked the teenage Jameson up. Her father, now a program director for an NBC affiliate, gives an in-depth interview for the program.

Footage from Jameson’s many appearances at the AVN Awards are also included.  

Jameson’s marriage to Grdina took place on June 22. 

The two-hour program premieres Sunday, August 10th at 8 p.m. ET/PT on E! Entertainment Television.