Jenna Haze Assumes Editorial Role For FOX Magazine

Jill Kelly contract performer Jenna Haze has signed a deal to become the hot-sex editor at New York-based FOX magazine, joining stripper editor Anna Malle and publisher Jill Kelly as porn stars who work for the magazine in an editorial capacity.

"We're happy to have Jenna's pretty little ass on board," says FOX magazine creative director Norman Maine. "Of the crop of new girls to come out in the past couple years, Jenna is easily the best and brightest."

In addition to regularly appearing nude in the magazine—the January 2004 issue features a 12-page pictorial of Haze and Jill Kelly having sex, in what is thought to be Kelly’s final photo shoot - Haze will also write a monthly column focusing on her off-camera sexual exploits.

Her first order of business at the FOX offices: making sure everything is spelled correctly. "Everything must to be spell-checked, no excuses," she says in an exclusive interview in the January issue. "It’s the simple mistakes like that that drive me crazy."

Haze also assures us that she will be writing all her own stories. "I’ve heard that some people have others write their stories, but there’s no way I’m going to allow someone to write my stuff," she says. "I want it to sound like me."

Editor-in-chief Harry Montana is also pleased with the addition. "Having Jenna around is going to make it really easy to come to the office every day," he says.