Jenevieve Hexxx Makes Directorial Debut With 'Cuma Sutra Magick'

LOS ANGELES—Practitioner of "sex magick" Jenevieve Hexxx has announced her debut directorial effort for AdultTime, Cuma Sutra Magick.

Hexxx produced and directed the visually appealing erotic scene in which she herself stars, along with Ariella Ferrera, Jayden Cole, and Serene Siren. It was shot by Ariel X.

The scene opens with an orgy of priestesses led by the High Priestess herself, Hexxx, who helps the ladies conjure their "sacred sexual Sapphic sin." In other words, Hexxx teaches them the Kama Sutra and sex magick, and it turns out that they are quick learners. Together, the ladies perform what is described as an ancient mystic sorceress spell channeled to them by Hexxx, and soon enough, the ladies are lusting for each other.

“I saw the scene in a vision many, many moons ago,” explained Hexxx. “It’s time to bring back the ways of the great mother goddess through our powerful enlightened passionate sexual energy and deep intention.”

The results speak for themselves, as an explosive climax of multiple orgasms, fluids, and sex play help the women conjure up the ultimate love spell.

“Tantric arts are a magickal lineage that I intend to conjure in all forms of sexual divine feminine mystery teachings,” promised Hexxx. “We could not possibly have had a more amazing erotic beautiful group of priestesses for the scene. I love them all so much! We had an all-female cast and crew too. Blessed be.”

Fans can find the trailer for Cuma Sutra Magick here, then watch the scene for free and get AdultTime free for 30 days.

Jenevieve Hexxx may be found on her official website