Jeff Mullen: <i>Long Dong Black Kong</i> 'Not Racist'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Producer Jeff Mullen contacted AVN today to defend his upcoming series Long Dong Black Kong against charges of racism.

Conceived as a rival to Hush Hush Entertainment's big-selling Blackzilla brand, Long Dong Black Kong is slated for release August 14 through Adam & Eve's Bad Seed label. Although advance copies of the movie have yet to be released, an anonymous reader attacked the title via an e-mail posted on director Mike South's adult industry website.

"As a black man, I am really getting tired of the way we are portrayed by our industry," the e-mail reads. "We are made out either to be animals or monsters. It is bad enough when a gonzo company puts out a title like Big Black Monster Dicks and Little White Chicks, but now we have a respected company releasing one called Long Dong Black Kong. Is this something that Adam and Eve is proud to put their name on? Some one needs to slap [Adam & Eve/Bad Seed sales and marketing VP] Peter Reynolds upside his fool head with a 'Long Dong.' It is insulting, degrading and I would honestly rather be called a nigger; that way I know where I stand with your company."

Always a magnet for controversy, the enterprising Mullen responded to the burning LDBK issue this afternoon in a press release.

"I have met some scumbag racists over the years, and we are not one of them," he said. "This is a very nicely produced interracial hardcore sex series and if we've pushed somebody's buttons, then so be it...but we didn't intentionally go out to hurt anyone's feelings."

Peter Reynolds said he stands by the title and denies all implications of racism.

"First of all, I think it's a parody, and the name is totally innocent," Reynolds told AVN. "The whole thing is supposed to be humorous, and we should all not take ourselves so seriously. We're getting a lot of pre-orders, so it's obviously resonating with the buyers out there, and that's making me happy."

Some might wonder if Mullen himself sent the initial e-mail to Mike South in order to drum up publicity for his movie. But the producer insists he did no such thing.

"This is not a racist series by any stretch of the imagination. It is shocking and graphic but most good porn is," he said. "I never once thought about that [racism] until a girlfriend of mine pointed it out to me after she mentioned the title to her very shocked mother during a discussion."

Added director Will Ryder: "The message about Long Dong Black Kong should be that black is beautiful, baby. Maybe we should have called the movie that instead, but Long Dong Black Kong just sounds so much better."