Jazella Moore Returns to the Scene of the 'Crime'

PARTS UNKNOWN—Jazella Moore and husband Scott Janke won't say where they're currently living ... and perhaps with good reason: There are apparently still some folks (though hardly most) who are upset with the fact that Scott, the former city manager of Ft. Myers Beach, Fla., married an adult entertainer, and when that pairing was revealed, was summarily fired from his job.

"The people in town were upset that the town council fired me because of that," Janke told AVN. "Their feeling was, what does it matter? Does it affect the town? This guy's a great city manager; who cares? And that's at the end of the day what happened."

"My understanding in my gut is, the town council did what they probably thought was best for the town, and it backfired," he continued. "Had they listened to me, had they let me come to a meeting and talk to them about this, number one, I think they would have let me keep my job—they'd probably say, 'We don't really care; she's not actively working at this point in time'—or number two, they would have said, 'Yeah, Scott; you've been in this business a long time; what do you think?' I would have said, 'Well, if I resign, and you compensate me from leaving, it'll be a lot less of a headline than it will be if you say I'm terminated, because the press will say he's terminated because his wife's in the porn industry. You don't want that headline.' In their own desire to minimize disruption, they chose a course of action that actually maximized disruption."

But if the city council thinks all of Scott and Jazella's previous publicity was bad, they may have a surprise or two coming.

"I'm excited and nervous because I never danced before," Jazella said, "but I'm going to be feature-dancing in Ft. Myers at Escapades the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of September, and that's where it all started. They called me and asked if I wanted to do it, and I said, 'Why not?' Because they're already saying that I'm flaunting porn, but that's not the way I am. If I could have kept it a secret, I would have, but now the whole world knows about it. So I'm very excited because since I've been accused, why not go and have fun with it?"

With Scott out of a job, Jazella's become the main support of her family, which includes a set of 15-year-old triplets, two girls and a boy.

"They're 15 going on 30," she sighed. "They're good kids, very supportive of me, and they tell me, 'Who cares about the family, mom? It's you and us, and you've always struggled to support us and how can we not respect you?'"

At this point, beyond her husband and kids, "the family" consists mainly of cousins, since Jazella, who's no spring chicken, was an only child.

"They found this out through the media, just like a lot of people did, that I was doing it," she explained. "I heard from my godmother that some of them say, 'My door will always be open for her,' but one of my guy cousins, he is totally against it and his mom is totally against it. I've been called a lot of names from that side of the family. But some of them have skeletons in their closets too, so it really aggravates me."

In fact, Jazella has only been in the adult business for about 18 months.

"I started doing my website to get into the adult industry in February of '08," she said. "My kids were away in Brazil visiting their father, so I took the chance because I needed to support them and earn extra money, and that's what I did. I had an agent, and he said, 'We're going to L.A. and I want you to come,' and I guess he submitted my pictures, and I started shooting for Naughty America, Score, Reality Kings and a few others. It was fun."

It was only about six months later that she met Scott.

"We met in August or September of last year," she recalled. "We started talking online, and then we would talk on the phone for hours and hours and hours, and then he just invited me to come over to Ft. Myers, and we fell in love, and liked each other's company, and one thing led to another, and a month later we were married."

According to Scott, the couple's decision to leave the Ft. Myers area hinged largely on their concern for the children.

"They're starting high school in about two weeks," he said in late August. "[Jazella] is a very, very beautiful woman who looks significantly younger—in fact, she is significantly younger than her actual age. But our goal was to get the kids squared away. The kids all know what happened, and they knew before this ever happened what their mom was doing, and they all talked about it, and they told her they were proud of her and they love her and there was no problem. But we didn't want the media to get involved in their lives, so we got them out of town right away. Right now, our goal is just to get the kids settled into high school."

Jazella's plans are to commute from her current home to L.A. for work, and the offers are already coming in. During a recent 11-day stint in Southern California, she shot layouts for the December, '09 and January, '10 issues of Hustler, as well as hardcore scenes for Naughty America, Zero Tolerance and Penthouse. She's also been shooting layouts for her new website, jazellamoore.com, which is being designed by ace director Bill Fisher, and the actress is being repped in the movie business by September Dawn of A-List Talent.

"At the end of the day, Jazella is a mother of teenagers and that's her biggest priority in the world, is taking care of her kids," Scott explained. "That's where she really puts her focus. Obviously, because of what happened to me, I guess the silver lining in the cloud is that her career got a little boost from it, so she's kind of taking over the reins of providing for us financially."

"My career as a city manager is probably over, which is okay," he continued. "I love my wife and the only important thing to me is that she's comfortable, happy and safe, and we work together as parents and as best friends. I think she's amazing, personally."

As for the future, Jazella will be making an appearance in Tampa soon to sign autographs and sell videos and other items, and she even intimates that there might be a "tell-all" book on the horizon.

"Trust me," she confided, "if you knew the things that I know about the upper crust of South Florida—I think I'd look like a nun, to be honest with you, compared to them."

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