Jayme Waxman Leads AEE Sex Workshops

LAS VEGAS – Looking at a sex toy, you might be tempted to think that it’s use would be fairly self-explanatory. But you’d be wrong. Sex workshop maven Jayme Waxman brings up a lot of points when she gets on a roll about the topic. And as you sit in rapt wonder at the depth of her true-believer zeal during her sex toy workshop called “How to Choose Them, How to Use Them,” you learn a little bit about her as well. “I love hard plastic, personally,” she informed her audience.

Waxman was sold on vibrators at a young age. “I wasn’t really sure if I ever had an orgasm until I was 21,” she said. “I’m a big fan of vibration. And people ask me all the time if vibrators are addicting. I say no.”

Waxman covered a great deal of ground in her AEE seminar, and got down to the real nitty-gritty. On the subject of keeping toys clean and reusable, she noted, “You can buy toy cleaners, but, personally, I’m a big fan of soap and water.” Waxman also noted that devices made of stainless steel can be boiled for that just-off-the-assembly-line cleanliness consumers demand. And in some of the best advice of the day, she advised that sex toys should not be shared…contrary to what you might have seen in ass-to-mouth porn.

The G-spot was also addressed by Waxman. “You want to insert a couple of fingers in the vaginal opening, and then use a ‘c’mere, big boy’ type of motion.” If that was a little too complicated to follow, Waxman produced several odd-looking dev ices that could also get the job done. However, like all good things, the advice came with a caveat: “Don’t go in the urethra…that can cause infection,” she said.

And just so the fellas wouldn’t feel left out, Waxman also had some sex toy advice for them. “Finger vibrators are a great introduction for guys. Use them under the balls,” she said. “Most guys are a little squeamish about putting something in their butts…until they’ve experienced it.”

Speak for yourself, Jayme. Speak for yourself.

During the second seminar, “Uncovering the O: Female Orgasms and More!” Waxman went into great detail about the various parts of the vagina and the numerous ways to stimulate it. The seminar is based on the third volume of Waxman’s Personal Touch DVD series for Adam & Eve, entitled “Exploring the O.” At the podium with Waxman were two adult performers featured in the DVD, real-life couple Daisy Layne and Dick Chibbles.

Layne and Chibbles helped make the seminar interactive as the pair went through the audience and allowed participants the chance to get a feel for the various sex toys and lubricants she recommended. Waxman also explained the various ways in which women can orgasm: the mind orgasm (“the brain is the most powerful sex organ”), vaginal orgasms (“by engaging the G-spot”), clitoral orgasms (“by engaging the clitoris”), multiple orgasms, emotional orgasms, anal orgasms, U-spot orgasms (“around the urethra”) and A-spot orgasms (“the A-spot is just past the G-spot and is where you go for ejaculation”).

“We want to make you laugh, teach you something and then leave you alone to experience it for yourself,” Waxman said.

Waxman’s third seminar of the day, “Relationship Clinic: Monogamy Without Monotony,” focused on ways to spice up any sexual relationship. She covered everything from introducing sex toys (with some hands-on demonstrations on how to use them properly) to filling out “Yes, No, Maybe” checklists with your partner.

“Every couple is different,” explained Waxman. “One of your partners might like to hang upside down with your toes in their butt, and the next person might not be into that at all. The key is to communicate with your partner…don’t push too much and find out what they’re into and what their boundaries are.”

Waxman discussed activities such as exploring power dynamics, role playing, prostate stimulation and introducing adult videos as possible ways to get things in the bedroom going when they go stale.

Waxman provided the sage advice, “Make sure if you already have a shitting schedule, you do what you have to do before you perform anal sex.”

Apparently, falling back in love with the person you’ve been with for several years is not for the squeamish.